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Donna Bearden

Inspired by psychology and spirituality, I became a photo-mandala artist about 15 years ago, after careers in public information and educational research.  Mandalas have long been used as spiritual and healing art forms across many cultures. The Buddhist sand mandalas, Navajo healing mandalas, and the rose windows of the great cathedrals are a few examples. The psychologist Carl Jung used mandalas in his work on the subconscious.

As a child, a favorite toy was a Spirograph. The wonder of watching patterns evolve was mesmerizing. Later I was drawn to  patterns in mathematics that seem to get tangled up with art: tessellations, fractals, straight lines that form curves. In college, photography captured my imagination and I could lose myself for hours in the darkroom, the pull of emerging images holding me in a space of wonder.

With photo-mandalas, it all came together: photography, patterns, and my interest in spirituality and psychology. Each mandala holds a childlike wonder. Details become magnified and prominent. New images appear as shapes are mirrored and joined.  My mandala designs have been printed on silk scarves, ceramic tiles, canvas, wood, and metal, and, combined with inspirational quotes, published in two books: Mandala Messages: Do not fear your potential (2012) and Mandala Messages: On the Way to Becoming (2022).

Enjoy!  (I do!)