Mandala Art Exhibit

January 2021
Blue Moose Art Gallery
Fort Collins, Colorado


Scroll down to see art pieces in this exhibit as well as other pieces that are available.

Please contact me with any questions

Squares 20 x 20

Printed on Aluminum     $215 each

NOTE: Any of these pieces can be printed 12 x 12 on aluminum – $75

Colorado Sunset
Sheer Joy!
Patterns in Stone
Burst of Spring
Be Bold

20 x 30 Verticals

Printed on Aluminum     $295 each
Unchain My Heart
Coming Out Party
Doorway to San Miguel
Global Networks
Pause and Reflect
Preserve the Past
Sea Gift
Struttin’ My Stuff
The Source

24 x 36 Verticals

Printed on Canvas     $295 each
Beach Treasures
It All Hinges On
Long Distance Connection
Summer Bouquet
Warped by Time

Pastel Nightfall

16 x 20
Printed on Acrylic

Also available 20 x 26 on wood – $295

Winter Trees

16 x 20
Printed on Acrylic


12 x 36 on canvas

Daisy Trio

12 x 36 on canvas

San Miguel Door

9 x 15 on wood

Red Door

9 x 15 on wood

Blue Door

9 x 15 on wood