Finding More Me: Journaling to Go Soul Deep


Delving beneath masks and the roles we play is what journaling is all about. Getting to what we believe underneath what we think we believe. Dredging up and understanding emotions that are difficult to explain. Discovering unconscious assumptions that dictate our lives. And simply playing with ideas and concepts in creative ways on the way to figuring out who we are when we dive in, soul deep. In Finding More Me, through a combination of work and play, thinking and feeling, head and heart, journaling will take you on a worthwhile journey.

Explore several different types of journaling: 4-day writes, conversations with your shadows and archetypes, drawing wisdom cards for prompts, collage, photo-mandalas, and more.

…a wonderful resource not only for beginning writers/artists but also for those of us who think we know everything there is to know about keeping a journal. Donna’s book is neither prescriptive, nor rule centered. She gives the reader guidelines, methods, tools to aid with the ‘journaling journey.’ She shares her personal experiences to help readers write theirs. This book offers a creative challenge for all readers who are intersted in finding a more authentic way to be int he world, to discover the power of words and images to change lives.    –Anita Skeen (Professor Emerita, Founding Director, RCAH Center for Poetry, Michigan State University)



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