In my desire to belong, I often felt I was wearing a mask and playing a role in someone else’s story. Journaling was my way into the deepest part of me, and my way out into the world.

Delving beneath masks and the roles we play is what journaling is all about. Getting to what we believe underneath what we think we believe. Dredging up and understanding emotions that are difficult to explain. Discovering unconscious assumptions that dictate our lives. And simply playing with ideas and concepts in creative ways on the way to figuring out who we are when we dive in, soul deep. In Finding More Me, through a combination of work and play, thinking and feeling, head and heart, journaling will take you on a worthwhile journey.

Are you ready to open some doors?

Available in June, Finding More Me will be available through this website or through your local bookstore.

The Story Mandala: Finding Wholeness in a Divided World

is filled with the inspirational stories of Facilitators of Courage and Renewal, work grounded in the writings of Parker J. Palmer. The writers share stories of transformation, stories of reconciliation, stories of how they found the courage to change their lives. The writers, all facilitators and friends of the Center for Renewal and Wholeness in Higher Education, tell their stories in the hopes that you will find yours

Rachel Allen, Fred Amador, Susan Barkley, Donna Bearden, Joyce Boatright, Earlene Bond, Jenna Joya Blondel, Jackie Claunch, Loman lark, Alan Colley, Pam Davenport, Lisa Davis, Praveena Dhayanithy, Pamela Gist, Theresa Garfield, John Fox, Sally Z. Hare, Barb Harris, Jude Higgins, Frannie Hill, Jeff Hood, Karen Luke Jackson

Available online or through your local bookstore.

Mandala Messages: Do not fear your potential

Inspirational Book:  5.5″ x 5.5″, 88 pages

Packed with original photo-mandalas and inspirational quotes, this little book contains mini-meditations on fears, mystery, gratitude, journey, and more.  Get lost in page after page of kaleidoscopic views of life and the world. Use the designs for your own meditations.

Regularly $15.95, sale price: $10.00.  Order through this website.


90 page journal for you to write, scribble, draw, express yourself!  Illustrated with mandalas throughout.

You came into this world WILD and ENTHUSIASTIC!
With good intentions, they tamed you.
Reclaim yourself! Reclaim your fire!

$15.  Order through this website.

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