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We discover who we are through the experiences and interactions we have with other people.

There are those who plant seeds.
Those who pull back layers.
Those who challenge in uncomfortable ways.
Those who encourage.
Those who tear down.
Those who love from afar.
Those who try to define.
Those who discourage.
Those who betray.
Those who inspire.
Those who touch where it hurts.
Those who heal.
Those who build up.
Those who make us laugh.
Those who make us weep.
Those whose lives entangle and intertwine with ours.
Those we pass silently.
Those who are persistent and steadfast.
Those who shake their heads and walk away.
Those who push our buttons.
Those who touch our souls.

And so we are to others:
Seed planters
Button pushers

Be thankful for every one of them, every part of us.
They are gifts
to teach us who we are,
who we can become.